Gallery Poulson

Michael Anderson is represented by  Gallery Poulson in Copenhagen.

The Butcher’s Daughter Gallery

The Butcher’s Daughter Gallery is a gallery in detroit that Michael works with.


Favourite Fashion-Scientist

Athens Graffiti Hot Spot


Brask Art

A blog about art & graffiti: Brask Art Blog

Whitehot Magazine

Michael is the photoeditor at large in nyc for Whitehot Magazine

Bad At Sports

Michael was interviewed by tom sanford and amanda browder for Bad At Sports.

Changing Role

Changing Role is an italian gallery that Michael Anderson did a show with in Naples in the summer of 2006.

Accumulation Project

Michael got curated into the on-line gallery Accumulation Project.

Brown Brothers

Michael made an album cover for a jazz band that covered pavement tunes released on Brown Brothers Recordings.

Animal Magazine

Michael Anderson is the art editor of Animal Magazine.

Wooster Collective

The Wooster Collective is the greatest graffiti and street art site in the world.

Joe Diebes

Joe Diebes makes sounds.

Tom Sanford

Tom Sanford is a good artist friend.

The Canal Chapter

The Canal Chapter a cool graffiti artist run gallery in SoHo.

Bootleg Artist

Eric Doeringer copy cat artist.

Greatest Living Jazz Artist

Ornette Coleman

Brent Birnbaum

Brent Birnbaum is Mr. Hip-Hop Installation

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is a painter and friend.

Philip Bussmann

Philip Bussmann designs Michael’s and other stuff.

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