Awards, Actions, and Installations

The artist lives and works in New York, New York.


1968 Born in New York, New York

1996 – 2004 Member Artist, GAle GAtes et al., Brooklyn, New York, USA

1997 – 2004 Open Studio, DUMBO Arts Festival, GAle GAtes et al., Brooklyn, New York, USA

1999 Independent studio, Kreutzberg, Berlin, Germany

1999 Independent Studio, Mexico City, Mexico

2000 Artistic Residency, La Panaderia, Mexico City, Mexico

2004 Guest artist, Kangol flagship store, New York, New York in cooperation with The Apartment, New York, New York, USA

2005 Art Editor, Animal Magazine, Instincts Issue, No. 6

2005 – 2008 Studio Residency Grant, Chashama, New York, New York, USA

2005-2013 The Harlem Collage Shop Studio, Harlem, New York, USA

2006 Art editor, Animal Magazine, Wildlife Issue, No. 7

2007 Curator, “Sex, Drugs and Violence”, Canal Chapter, New York, New York, USA

2009 “Target Billboards to ToteBags” with designer Anna Sui and Mother Ad Agency, Times Square, NYC, USA

2009 Ace hotel Lobby Graffiti Sticker Installation permanent W29 th St & Broadway, New York, New York, USA

2010-ongoing Art World Paparazzi for Whitehot Magazine,

2011 Independent Studio, The Athens Collage Shop, Kalamida 7, Psyirri, Athens, Greece

2011 Curator “Group-In-Fusion “ Athens, Greece

2011 Graffiti Sticker Installation, Private Home E66th St & Madison Ave, New York, New York, USA


2012 Dos Equis “Most Interesting Artist in the World,” exhibitions and parties in Los Angeles, San Antonio, San Diego and NYC.

2013 Winner, Red Bull Canvas Cooler NYC Competition, Brooklyn, New York

2013 Curator “Salon des Refuses” Artion Gallery, New York, New York, USA




Public Commissions

2009 Billboards for Target, printed on vinyl, Times Square, New York, New York, United States
2009 Permanent Installation, collage, The Ace Hotel, New York, New York, United States
2005 Album Cover Art, design, Gold Sounds by the Brown Brothers, New York, New York, United States




2011 Third Wave Abstraction, Lecture in conjunction with “Boarders and Frontiers: Collage and Appropriation in the Contemporary Image”, Oakland University Art Gallery, Rochester, Michigan, United States

2010 Midnight Motor Oil: One Night in the Detroit Art Scene, Fred Torres Collaborations, New York, New York, United States

2005 Panel discussion, featured artist, in conjunction with East Village USA, The New Museum, New York, New York




Solo Exhibitions

2012 “Abject Street Wallpaper”, Launch F18 Gallery, Tribeca, NYC, USA

2010 “Equal Opportunity Destroyer”, Poulsen Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 “The Street is My Palette”, Claire Oliver Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, USA

2009 “Collage Geomancy”, Marlborough Chelsea, NYC, USA, catalog printed

2008 “Harlem Collage Shop”, Galeria Marlborough, Madrid, Spain

2008 “Media Violence”, Marlborough Chelsea, NYC, USA, catalog printed

2006 “Fracture/Frattura”, Changing Role-Move Over Gallery, Naples Italy

2004 “Mad Collectors”, Paul Rodgers/9W, Chelsea, NYC
2002 “Post No Bills”, Paul Rodgers/9W, Chelsea, NYC
1997 “Recycled Amsterdam”, Vi Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
1996 “The Ark”, Gale Gates et al., Lower Manhattan, NYC








Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 “Salon Des Refusés”, Artion Galleries, New York, NY. Curated by the artist.

2013 “Debris Field”, The College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY


2013 “Cash, Cans & Candy” Hilger Brot Contemporary, Vienna, Austria

2013 “Whitehot Presents,” Scope Art Fair, New York, New York, USA

2013 Amstel Gallery at Scope Art Fair, New York, New York, USA

2012-2013 Hogarth Worldwide Biannual, New York, New York, USA

2012 “The Dirty Double Dozen (& Friends)”, Freight and Volume Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA

2012 “America Eats Youth”, Untitled Art Projects, Los Angeles, CA, USA

2012 “Commonalities: 4 Norwegians + 4 New Yorkers”, .NO Gallery LES, New York, USA

2012 “Pulse Contemporary Art Fair” with The Butcher’s Daughter Gallery, New York, New York, USA

2012 “Summer in the City-The Heat is On” Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012 “New Installation”, Paul Rodgers 9/W Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA

2012 “Drawn to You, Works on Paper from New York”, Poulsen Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2012 “Some Girls”, Launch F18, New York, New York, USA

2011 “Make Skateboards”, I-20 Gallery, New York, New York, USA

2011 “On Every Street”. Samuel Owen Gallery, Greenwich, CT, USA


2011 “Group-In-Fusion”,  Kalamida 7 Art Space, Athens, Greece, curated by the artist with Mariana Paniyotoudis

2011 “Bitches Brew”, Poulsen Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 “Beyond Bling”, Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, Florida, USA, catalog printed

2011 “Boarders and Frontiers”, Oakland University Art Gallery, Rochester, Michigan, USA catalog printed

2010 “Painting With Pictures”, Casita Maria Center For the Arts, Bronx, NYC, USA

2010 “No Vacancy”, The Butcher’s Daughter, Detroit, Michigan, USA

2009 “Summer Exhibition”, Marlborough Chelsea, NYC, USA

2009 “Works on Paper”, Marlborough 57th St. Gallery, NYC, USA, catalog printed

2008 “Obama Fundraiser” Pace Wildenstein Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA

2008 “Death is Not the End”, 31 Grand, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2008 “Group Show, SH Contemporary”,  Marlborough Gallery Shanghai, China

2008 “Summer Group Exhibition”, Marlborough Chelsea Gallery, NYC, USA

2008 “Summer Group Exhibition”, Marlborough 57th St Gallery, NYC, USA

2007 “Group Show”, Scope Art Fair, New York, Marlborough Gallery NYC, USA

2007 “Primed: Washington Project for the Arts”, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., USA

2007 “Sex, Drugs, and Violence”, Canal Chapter, Soho, NYC, USA, curated by the artist

2007 “Sobre el Humor”, Galleria Marlborough, Madrid, Spain

2007 “Summer Exhibition” Marlborough Gallery, Chelsea, NYC USA

2007 “Thread” Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, catalog printed

2007 “Whit and Whimsy”, Marlborough Gallery, 57th St., NYC, USA, catalog printed

2006 Art Basel Miami, Marlborough Gallery, Miami, Florida


2006 “Group Exhibition, ARCO 06” Madrid, Spain with Changing-Role Move-Over Gallery, Naples, Italy

2006 “Summer Group Show”, Marlborough Gallery, 57th St, NYC
2006 “The Compilation Show”, Roger Smith Lab Gallery, New York, New York

2006 “Native Spirit”, Supreme Trading, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2006 “What War?” White Box, New York, New York

2006 “God Complex-Images of Power”, Rush Arts Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
2005 “Accumulation Project” Lunarbase Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

2005 “What Color is your Daddy’s Caddy?” Diesel Gallery, Red Hook, Brooklyn

2005 “Brooklyn Vibe” Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn (sound art installation)

2005 “Multiple Partners”, Pablo’s Birthday, Tribeca, NYC
2005 “Paper Deviations”, The Proposition, Chelsea, NYC

2005 “Paradise”, Animal Gallery, LES, NYC
2004 “Democracy is Fun?” White Box Gallery, Chelsea, NYC

2004 “The Beautiful Ones”, 31 Grand Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

2004 “Where it is”, Diesel Gallery, Red Hook, Brooklyn

2004 “Music Making, Marking Music”, Paul Rodgers/9W, Chelsea, NYC

2003 “Coltrane”, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia, PA
2003 ”R U In Miami”, Scope Fair, Miami, Florida

2001 “Pieces”, Gale Gates et al., Dumbo, Brooklyn
2001 “Paradise in Search of a Future”, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY

2000 “One-Fifteen-Zero-Zero”, Gale Gates et al., Dumbo Brooklyn

1999 “Group Show”, Volcker und Freund Gallery, Berlin, Germany
1999 “Size Matters”, Gale Gates et al., Dumbo, Brooklyn

1999 “Dumbo Artists”, Gale Gates et al., Dumbo, Brooklyn
1999 “Antes Trenta”, Metropolitan Museum, Monterrey, Mexico
1998 “Under the Bridge”, Gale Gates et al., Dumbo, Brooklyn




1998 “Art Exchange 98”, curated by SoundLab, Lower Manhattan, NYC

1997 “Dumbo 2”, Gale Gates et al., Dumbo, Brooklyn Exhibition in conjunction with a choreographed dance performance by Eva Meyer-Keller and a vocal musical composition by Joseph Diebes,
1997 “Installation: Michael Anderson and Tom Fruin”, Mars Bar, LES, NYC



2002 “So Long Ago I Can’t Remember”, Gale Gates et al., 37 Main St Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY. Associate Designer of the large scale, environmental theater exhibition directed by Michael Counts and composed by Joseph Diebes. Based on Dante’s Inferno including the 12 circles of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise.

2000 “1839”, Gale Gates et al. 37 Main St, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY
Associate Designer and custom fabricator for Michael Counts’ theatrical installation/performance, based on both the story of Oedipus and the invention of photography by Daguerre.

1999 ‘Tilly Losch”, Gale Gates et al. 37 Main St. Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY
Associate Designer, and Onstage Technical Set Operations Director for Michael Counts’ installation/performance/triptych based on the movie “Casablanca”, Andrew Wyeth’s painting “Christina’s World” and Joseph Cornell’s assemblage box “Tilly Losch”.

1998 “The Field of Mars”, Gale Gates et al., 37 Main St. Dumbo Brooklyn, NY,
Associate Designer, rig operator, and Special Effects Technician for Michael Counts on this site-specific installation performance freely adapted from the life of the Roman Emperor, Nero, in a 40,000 square foot warehouse space.




1998 “The Malleus Malificarum”, Ontological Theater 131 E10th St. LES, NYC
Set Designer for a site-specific play in a church, directed by David Pilot, choreographed by Debra Fernandez and, with an operatic composition by Joseph Diebes. Based on the Witch Hunts of 1484.

1997 “The Burning Out of ’82”, Theater for the New City 155 1st Ave, LES, NYC
Set Designer for a play about the effects of Reaganomics on American society, written by Arthur Sainer and directed by David Vining.

1996 “Wine-Blue-Open-Water”, Gale Gates et al. 67 Broad St. Lower Manhattan, NYC
Associate Designer and Performer in Michael Counts’ site-specific installation/ Performance freely adapted from “The Odyssey” of Homer, in a 35,000 square foot space on the15th floor of an office building





Artist’s Website


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