Collage Geomancy at Marlborough Chelsea

The Directors of Marlborough Chelsea are pleased to announce that an exhibition of recent collages by New York based artist Michael Anderson will open on Thursday, March 26th and continue through Saturday, April 25th. This will be the artist’s third solo exhibition with Marlborough and his second at Marlborough Chelsea, located at 545 West 25th street.

collage geomancy

The exhibition will consist of twelve new collages and a single sculpture, all of which are comprised of mass-produced advertising materials accumulated by the artist. Born in the Bronx in 1968, Mr. Anderson began his artistic career fusing painting and collage but has concentrated on collage since the early 1990s. Since that time his materials have consisted solely of posters and billboards found on the streets of international cities and physically torn down by the artist. In each work, multiple copies of the same advertisement are ripped into hundreds of varying pieces and reassembled into dynamic compositions that reflect the artist’s simultaneous commitments to representation and abstraction. The effect is one of vague recognition by the viewer, who has undoubtedly passed several of the images while walking down the streets of New York, Beijing or Rome, without stopping to focus on their cultural significance or aesthetic properties.

Download the full Collage Geomancy Press Release

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